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Komkova Galina Nikolaevna, Doctor of juridical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of constitutional and municipal law, dean of the Faculty of law, Saratov National research State University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky, (83 Astrakhanskaya street, Saratov, Russia),

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Background. Guarantees of human rights – one of the elements of the legal status of the individual. However, this category in the science of constitutional law has been studied insufficiently. It is urgent to identify the nature and formulation of the contents of this category, as well as to classify types of the guarantee of human rights as there hasn’t been worked out any uniform classification in the science of constitutional law so far.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were implemented on the basis of the analysis of the legislation, as well as basic positions of scientists-constitutionalists on the problems of identifying the content and types of guarantees of constitutional rights. The methodological potential included dialectical and logical methods, which created the basis for a comprehensive and complete study of the constitutional gua¬rantees of human rights, their classification; the use of the system-structural method allowed to investigate the guarantees of human rights in the relationship and interdependence with other legal categories – human rights and a social state.
Results. The author examined the content of the constitutional guarantees of human rights in modern Russia, analyzed the types of guarantees and gave her own classification of constitutional guarantees of human rights.
Conclusions. The study discusses measures to ensure the development of human rights in Russia, defines the constitutional guarantees of human rights and reveals peculiarities of ensuring different kinds of constitutional rights and freedoms: personal, political, social and economic. It is proved that the main purpose of the constitutional guarantee is to force the state to perform its duties regarding implementation of the rights of citizens. The article introduces the author’s classification of constitutional guarantees of human rights, including objective, organizational and special. The objective guarantees refer to the constitutional order of the state in which human rights are realized. The objective guarantees function through economic, political, social, legal, ideological means. The organizational guarantees are an activity of the State to ensure the implementation and protection of human rights.The author has assessed the state bodies in terms of their involvement in the assurance of human rights. The researcher also characterizes special guarantees – legal means to ensure human rights. According to the territory of effect one classifies and analyzes international, national, regional and local guarantees of human rights. It is concluded that effective constitutional guarantees of human rights in Russia are possible only with mutual efforts of the state and the person.

Key words

human rights, social state, guarantee of human rights in Russia, classification of human rights guarantees

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